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Техника и технологии

In the simplest terms, the World Wide Web is a collection of web pages and other resources located on Internet server computers connected to web page browsers located on individual machines also connected to the Internet.  What makes it a Web is that the Web pages communicate the information desired by their authors, and also they connect readers to other resources by way of links.  The links in Web pages can refer to another Web page, a program, or some other kind of file, or another way of interacting with the Web such as Telnet. 

Web pages have two aspects.  One aspect is how the page looks to a web browser, colorful and interactive.  The other aspect is the actual HTML code that tells the browser what to do.  The fun part of browsing is seeing the result aspect, but the other part, the code, has to come first. 

Fortunately, HTML was designed to be as obvious as possible, consistent with its purpose.  You will be writing HTML in a very short time from starting out.  Writing great HTML code will take longer. 

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